Doer. Mover. Maker. Which are You? Find out now and spark your inner genius at The Henry Ford.

Our 200 acres of invention, inspiration and innovation are a place unlike any other. Mind-blowing collections started by Henry Ford himself. It's where people from all over the world come for unforgettable experiences that make yesterday feel like today and spark new ideas for tomorrow. Spark your inner genius at The Henry Ford.

Visitors aboard the Rosa Parks bus - Courtesy of The Henry FordAre you a dreamer? Firsthand encounters with one-of-a-kind icons have the power to set your mind racing. Imagine walking into Henry Fords garage, taking a seat on the Rosa Parks bus and touring the Wright brothers' home and cycle shop.

Wrighth Brothers presentation - Courtesy of The Henry FordMore of a doer? Other peoples audacious achievements get you itching to accomplish your own. Explore one of the greatest idea factories ever created Thomas Edisons lab, the workplace of Americas most prolific inventor. Or step into the house that is literally out of the box Buckminster Fullers Dymaxion House.

Driving America - Courtesy of The Henry FordMaybe you're a mover? Get a rush of excitement and a burst of creative energy when you explore our collection of Industrial Age engines, take a road trip through our Driving America, exhibition or experience Americas Greatest Manufacturing Experience at the Ford Rouge Factory Tour. (photo of Driving America exhibit)

Pouring a molding - Courtesy of The Henry FordHow about a maker? When you work with your hands, you switch on your mind and your thoughts simply flow. Join more than 400 makers for a two-day festival of wild ingenuity at Maker Faire Detroit. Then celebrate the ultimate maker, Henry Ford, by building a Model T.

Discover your potential at The Henry Ford, Americas Greatest History Destination.

Take a virtual tour and plan your adventure with affordable vacation packages starting under $130, which include two tickets to two attractions and overnight accommodations (choose from Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village or Ford Rouge Factory Tour).