Engines Exposed in Henry Ford Museum

Explore the mechanical might of more than 40 classic rides!    

 The Henry Ford Engines Exposed -- Ford Mark IVYou can learn only so much about a car from the outside. You have to look under the hood to see what it’s really made of.     That’s where a car reveals its true character: its class, its brawn, its heart. For just eight weeks, we’ll be raising the hoods of some of our most memorable vehicles during Engines Exposed in Henry Ford Museum,  running through February 28, 2016. 

It’s an unprecedented excursion as we pop the hoods of more than 40 of the most iconic cars ever made, including our Bugatti Type 41 Royale Convertible, our 1962 Mustang 1, the 1963 Chrysler Gas Turbine and the remarkable 1916 Woods Dual Power Hybrid Coupe, a car that was 80 years ahead of its time. 
 The Henry Ford Engines Exposed -   Meskowski Race Car 

Explore the engines that changed the world. Here are a few: 
    •  1907 White Model G 
    •  1919 Ford Model T 
    •  1936 Lincoln Zephyr 
    •  1956 Chevrolet Bel Air 
    •  1956 Chrysler 300-B Stock Car The Henry Ford Engines Exposed - Bugatti
    •  1960 Chevrolet Corvair 
    •  1960 Meskowski Race Car 
    •  1962 Mustang I 
    •  1963 Chrysler Turbine 
    •  1965 Goldenrod Land Speed Race Car 
    •  1965 Lotus-Ford 

Take a virtual tour with The Henry Ford Curator of Transportation, Matt Anderson, who gives a sneak preview The Henry Ford Engines Exposed -  Quadricycleof what you can expect from your visit to Engines Exposed at Henry Ford Museum.

During Engines Exposed, plan a visit to the Ford Rouge FactoryTour for the ultimate road trip. Here you’ll witness the awesome assembly line that helped build a city and continues to define manufacturing. Seeing the military-grade aluminum-alloy body Ford F-150 come together brings to life the raw power of American ingenuity. 

 The Henry Ford Engines Exposed -  Willys GasserThe ultimate road trip!
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