Experience the Fab Four Firsthand at The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition

The Magical History TourThere are few musicians who have influenced music and pop culture like The Beatles. Whether you were an original Beatlemaniac or you are simply inspired by their music today, experience the impact of the Fab Four firsthand as The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition makes its U.S. debut at The Henry Ford.

This collection of Beatles artifacts, the most comprehensive ever displayed under one roof, takes visitors on a highly interactive journey through the history of one of the world’s most beloved musical groups. The exhibit, which runs through September 18, takes visitors on a long and winding road from the band's formation in Liverpool, England, and its global dominance during Beatlemania in the 1960s to the lives of individual members after the break-up in 1970.Beatles

Fab Four artifacts include personal letters, concert posters and other documents. Immerse yourself in a replica studio, and explore instruments, clothing, rare original photos, handwritten lyrics and the autograph John Lennon signed for the man who killed him hours later.

The experience begins as soon as you walk through a massive drum kit into the exhibit where four sections chronicle the band’s historyThe Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition.

The first section, Beginnings, Influences and Life in Liverpool, explores the early years. Inspect the original drum set from the Quarry Men, the band that preceded the Beatles. Discover music that inspired each Beatle. Imagine yourself in front-row seats at a reproduction of the stage at the Cavern Club, where The Beatles performed regularly in the early 1960s

The journey continues through three more sections: Life on the Road; Innovation in the Studio, and The Decade of the Breakup.

Life on the Road captures the chaos of The Beatles’ arrival in the United States in 1964. The excitement captured in photographs from the tour taken by Curt Gunther, many of them never on public display, chronicle the transition from nervous excitement to panicked frenzy. “So this is America. They must be out of their minds,” Ringo Starr quipped at the time.
The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition, now at The Henry Ford
Experiment alongside The Beatles in Innovation in the Studio with music, instruments and sounds The Beatles used, and even play some of the instruments yourself.

In The Breakup, experience the band’s end with the original legal document dissolving The Beatles, as well as albums and memorabilia from their solo careers, including Lennon’s last autograph, written for the man who would eventually take his life on the cover of his Double Fantasy album, several hours before he was murdered.
Double Fantasy Album Cover
There’s little doubt that The Beatles are the most popular band in history. John, Paul, George and Ringo left an indelible mark on the world in the 1960s, and popular culture has yet to experience another worldwide phenomenon on the scale of The Beatles since Beatlemania took the world by storm.

The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition is an immersive and educational retrospective driven by the music and the culture that the Fab Four produced, showing how their story continues to change and inspire the world today. The Magical History Tour fosters historical, cultural, artistic, and musical learning for all ages in both the museum and the classroom, all while maintaining a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Come along, join the international tour, and trace the steps of the lads of Liverpool, from the genesis of The Beatles, to their breakup and beyond, at The Henry Ford.

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The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition is a limited-engagement exhibit so it’s best to purchase tickets in advance or call 313-982-6001.

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