Icy Fun, High Spirits and Tenacious Will

Snowboarding at Shanty Creek ResortExhilaration, excitement and pure enjoyment! From ice skating to hockey and from snowshoe trails to luge runs-- Michigan’s winter sports parks and ice arenas offer an amazing line up of great family fun activities as well as the perfect setting for seasoned athletes looking for hard-core games on the ice. 

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan in picturesque Muskegon State Park is one of the finest winter sports centers in Michigan. The complex boasts one of only three luge tracks in the United States and is operated and designed for introducing beginners to the sport of luge. The complex also has the original "Nordic Nights" lighted cross country ski trail system with 7.5 kilometers of lighted and groomed trails and additional 8 kilometers of advanced day trails. There are three ice skating rinks catering to hockey, family skating and a kiddie rink. Snowshoe trails traverse through the dunes on the shore of Lake Michigan. The heated sports lodge is complete with rentals, food service and fireplace warming area. 

At the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex, luge is not just for winter anymore. You need not wait for frigid temperatures to lie supine on a sled and zip at high rates of speed down a narrow, icy, curved and banked track. One of the nation’s few public wintertime luge experiences, located at Muskegon State Park on the Lake Michigan Shore, is now home to the only summertime wheeled luge track in North America. The 850-foot long fiberglass track is one of four tracks in the U.S, and is used by Olympic hopefuls and the general public who want to luge the year round. All ages, from youths to the young-at-heart, can participate in the Learn to Luge program for first-time sliders who reach speeds of up to 30 mph about a third the speed that is the norm for the pros. 

But, winter sports is more than luge runs. Michigan has other winter sports parks and arenas that welcome families and winter sports enthusiasts all season long. So, load up your gear and head to one of these winter playgrounds:

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