Jazz It Up!

Jazz it up!Detroit jazz can't be summed up in one word; but, how about three--Baker's Keyboard Lounge. OK, it's certainly not the only jazz club in town, but it's inarguably the most important, with a nearly seven-decade history of hosting the finest musicians from around the world.

The popular jazz spot became a music room in 1939, when Clarence Baker began operating the sandwich shop his father had opened four years earlier. A local pianist lured crowds from all around and the younger Baker expanded the room and focused on songs rather than sandwiches.

For some additional notable jazz spots around the state, check out the short list below: 

At Billy's Lounge in Grand Rapids, every night is filled with an eclectic mix of live music ranging anywhere from open-mic nights to jazz, R&B, rock, funk, folk, and reggae.

For casual elegance, cool grooves and nightly jazz, Grand Rapids has another cool little spot known as Crush at The B.O.B. The popular club features progressive DJ's on weekends.

Czar's 505 brings an avant gard atmosphere and the best jazz, blues, alternative rock, and other snappy music on the club circuit to St. Joseph.