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With thousands of miles of hiking and biking trails—plus an extensive network of snowmobiling and equestrian trails—it's easy to see why Michigan is considered the #1 trail state in the nation.
Tucked among the natural beauty of Michigan is a vast system of trails covering all corners of the state. Start with the Iron Belle, the nation's longest designated state trail, as well as the growing Michigan’s Dragon trail. Then, try some of the countless "out-and-backs" throughout the state. You will soon see that Michigan has plenty of places to hike, whether it's backpacking trails, casual walking trails or running trails that carry you over diverse terrains and through abundant ecosystems. 

Michigan also boasts more than 2,700 miles of rails-to-trails and is home to the International Mountain Biking Association Silver Level Ride Center in Copper Harbor. If that's not enough, Michigan also has 3,000+ miles of water trails for kayaking or canoeing, more than a thousand miles of state-designated equestrian trails, and 3,000+ miles of off-road vehicle trails for you to discover. So the question is, are you ready to go out for an adventure in Pure Michigan?
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Distance: 10.69 miles(Permit Required)
Trail Activities
Biking, Hiking, Cross Country Ski
This 11-mile trail system, composed of three loops is located in the upland forests along the hilly border between Cheboygan and Emmet Counties. The pathway winds through heavily forested tract of rolling hills, old railroad beds and the old town of Wildwood. The trails are groomed in the winter...
Distance: 4.67 miles(Permit Required)
Trail Activities
Biking, Hiking
Located in Cheboygan County, the Lost Tamarack pathway is a 4.67-mile, wooded pathway beginning at Weber Lake State Forest Campground and circles around two scenic lakes to the west of Wolverine. The path consists of two loops, both of which are used for mountain biking, hiking and cross-country...
Musketawa Trail
Distance: 24.72 miles
Trail Activities
Biking, Equestrian, Hiking, Snowmobile Area, Cross Country Ski
Set against the backdrop of rural Michigan, your journey takes you through small country towns and wide expanses of cornfields, marshes and shady woodlands. The trail features 13 wooden trestle bridges plus a large observation deck overlooking the Crockery Creek near Ravenna. The entire length of...
Photo Courtesy @lobsterclaudia
Distance: 4.45 miles
Trail Activities
Hiking, Cross Country Ski
Located inside of Tahquamenon Falls State Park, you are sure to find the beauty of the Upper Peninsula along Paradise Pathway. This 3-loop, 8.4-mile trail is perfect for hiking and cross-country skiing. It is composed of the South M-123 loop (1.7 miles), North M-123 loop (3.3 miles) and the North...
Distance: 6.58 miles(Permit Required)
Trail Activities
Hike along the coast of Lake Superior and the Blind Sucker River on the Blind Sucker Pathway. This trail stretches a total of 7.3 miles and weaves through the Blind Sucker State Forest, including the Blind Sucker River portion of the North Country Trail and the Blind Sucker Flooding. Experience...
Distance: 4.58 miles(Permit Required)
Trail Activities
The Switchback Ridge Pathway is located in Mackinac County inside the Little Brevort Lake North State Forest Campground. This hiking trail is 2.25 miles long and is surrounded by dunes and forest, thick with foliage along the forest floor. On your hike, you will pass several streams along the path...
Distance: 1.72 miles(Permit Required)
Trail Activities
Biking, Hiking
Marsh Lake Pathway is located at the Big Knob Forest Campground in Gould City, along on the coast of Lake Michigan. Bike or hike and surround yourself with the beauty of the Big Knob Forest, featuring beautiful dune and swale habitat on the northern shores of Lake Michigan. Visitors will find this...
Distance: 2.69 miles(Permit Required)
Trail Activities
Nestled in the heart of the Big Knob Forest Campground along the shores of Lake Michigan, the Crow Lake and Big Knob Pathways offer a great outdoor excursion for anyone looking for an adventure. The Big Knob Pathway is a steady, .5-mile climb to Big Knob, a high-point on a forested sand dune that...
Pine Bowl Pathway
Distance: 5.94 miles(Permit Required)
Trail Activities
Equestrian, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Mountain Biking, Cross Country Ski
The Pine Bowl Pathway is great for year-round adventure, providing 5.9 miles of multi-use trails open for equestrian, biking, hiking and cross-country skiing. The trail is most well-known for its cross-country skiing opportunities. Choose between a 2- or 5.7-mile loop and take in the wonders of the...
Algonquin Pathway
Distance: 8.51 miles(Permit Required)
Trail Activities
Hiking, Mountain Biking, Cross Country Ski
Algonquin Pathway wanders through a mix of hardwood and conifer forests, staying atop a network of small ridges and offers 9 miles of non-motorized recreation opportunities, including biking, hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. All nine miles of trail is groomed for cross-country skiing...
Ninga Aki Pathway
Distance: 2.13 miles(Permit Required)
Trail Activities
Hiking, Hunting, Snowshoeing, Mountain Biking, Cross Country Ski

Along this beautiful pathway, you will find yourself in one of Michigan’s southernmost boreal forests. Towering white pines, cedars, spruce and balsams shade the thick mosses, wildflowers and ferns that blanket the forest floor.

The Ninga Aki Pathway consists of two loops, including the...

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Michigan offers more than 1,300 miles of biking and hiking trails, with trails for every skill level and season. Whether you're trekking the miles of the Upper Peninsula or charting the perfect path to to a Michigan sunset, there is an adventure awaiting for you in Pure Michigan. Check out all the trails Michigan has to offer and begin planning your trip. 
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The North Country Trail access points are a great spot for hiking throughout Manistee County.
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Sleeping Bear Dunes
You can hike about 100 miles of designated trails in the Lakeshore. There are thirteen trails on the mainland for hiking.  Think you can hike all the trails in one year? Check out the Trail Trekkers Challenge.
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