Grand Rapids

  • Grand Rapids 16 - Unwrap The Season

    Unwrap The Season

    Grand Rapids it a great place to gather your family and experience the many cold weather activities here. Don't worry, you don't have to be out in the cold - there are plenty of indoor activities too. From Beer Tours to live music, Griffins games to ice skating in Rosa Park Circle - experience the winter wonderland in Grand Rapids.

  • America's #1 Place to Visit, Grand Rapids, Michigan  

    #20 out of 52 Places to Visit Worldwide.

    Groupon ranked Grand Rapids as the top tourist destination for 2015. What's the appeal?

    The most vibrant downtown between Chicago and Cleveland.

    World-renowned art scene.

    World-class craft breweries.

    Fascinating museums and historic sites.

    Deliciously innovative farm-to-fork restaurants.

    Access to Lake Michigan's:  spectacular beaches, soaring sand dunes and dazzling sunsets.

    Experience this year's top travel pick - Grand Rapids! 

  • Grand Rapids

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