See Michigan’s Northern Lights in “North Country Dreamland”

Photographer Shawn Malone’s time lapse video of Michigan’s northern lights has been making its way around the web over the last week or so. The video compilation features aurora borealis (commonly called “northern lights”) and other rare night sky events from Northern Michigan. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below.

Music: David Helpling/Jon Jenkins

This video is Shawn’s first time lapse compilation, which she cut down to over 10,000 photo frames that equal 33 scenes of various night sky events in Northern Michigan. The shots were taken throughout 2012 on both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. Below is a gallery of photos that Shawn shared with us from her adventures.

See more of Shawn’s work on the Lake Superior Photo Facebook page.

Have you seen the northern lights in person? Tell us where in the comments section below!

  • sharon cloyd

    Yes I have! Twice, once coming home from Mt. Pleasant after working at the Old Blackstone Bar and looked in my rearview mirror and thought I was being pulled over by the police!! They were that bright!! Had to pull over and watch!! The next time was at Tawas State Park Campground sitting around the campfire late around 2-3a.m. and went to the bathrooms and walking back, saw them in the sky!! Truly amazing!

  • Desiree Taylor

    No i hav’nt but i sure would love to..

  • Hans Petrich

    North Country Dreamland, wow, great!

  • Hans Petrich

    really amazed at how strong of activity was captured here for Michigan