Beaver Island



Visitors to Beaver Island can enjoy one of two lighthouses, including the St. James Harbor Light at Whiskey Point.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Cashman


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This remote inhabited island in Northern Lake Michigan boasts a year-round population of 600 - a large percentage of Irish descent. Time slows down here, offering a serene, relaxed way of life. You are invited to discover Beaver Island for yourself to see its many natural and cultural treasures. Tour the Island by bicycle, or bring your car over on the Ferry or rent a car on Beaver Island  to circle the Island in an afternoon.

Find a wealth of natural resources, including nature preserves and abundant state land for walking, exploring, or just relaxing. Summer means beach walking, enjoying a sunset, exploring the trails, walking the docks and watching the boats sail in.

Protar's house, the Marine Museum or the Old Mormon Print Shop  museum are an open door into the island’s rich history. Home to two lighthouses: the St. James Harbor Light on the north end of the island on Paradise Bay and the fully restored Beaver Head Light Station on the south end of the island (where visitors can climb the tower and view a Fresnel lens for free), Beaver Island is the access point to boat and plane tours to nearly a dozen remote lights such as Squaw Island, St. Helena Island and the Fox Islands.