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Generations of Downriverites know Brownstown as a quiet community that runs along I-75 from Taylor on the north to Lake Erie on the south. It skips over a few towns in the middle.

Historically, Brownstown covered some 43 square miles and was one of the original nine townships that were created in Wayne County when the land was part of the Michigan Territory. In fact, Brownstown is actually older than the State of Michigan itself, which was not admitted to the Union until 1837 - ten years after Brownstown was established!

The majority of Brownstown residents at that time were classified by occupation as farmers, along with harness makers, well borers, horse trainers, ship builders, dresshoop makers, millers and wood benders. Today's Brownstown residents are more likely to be employed in the professional, technical or service industries, and their children will probably be college graduates.

Brownstown is a community rich in heritage and strong in possibility. Brownstown is indeed, where the future looks brighter!