Drummond Island

Detour Reef Lighthouse - Pure Michigan Minute

Detour Reef Lighthouse - Pure Michigan Minute

Travel expert, Byron Goggin visits the Detour Reef Lighthouse to capture a Pure Michigan Minute. DeTour Reef Light has a lighthouse keeper program that allows you to stay overnight.


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Drummond Island is part of the Great Waters offering unparalleled opportunities to enjoy unspoiled beauty, unique history and the Great Lakes of Huron, Michigan and Superior. Drummond Island is located one mile off the eastern tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, only 60 miles from the Mackinac Bridge and the largest freshwater island in the United States. Over two-thirds of the island is state land, so there is lots of access to the outdoors. Visitors to the island can arrive by airplane, boat, car or snowmobile (crossing on the auto ferry from DeTour Village).  Whether you are just getting out into nature, or out of a rough, getting lulled to sleep by lapping waves, or wiping the snow off your visor, we keep visitors busy and coming back. A unique experience is to visit the DeTour Reef Light for a guided educational tour of this historic lighthouse.