Michigan Agriculture

  • Michigan Agriculture

    Michigan Agriculture

    Michigan agriculture is homemade wholesome goodness. Pure Michigan's agriculture contributes over $101 billion to our state's economy, and you're invited to taste the difference grown right here in your own community.

  • Pure Michigan agriculture is all around us.


    Rolling fields of corn, wheat and soybeans, coupled with barns of chickens, pigs and cattle, all add to Michigan's scenic and culinary landscape -- and remind us of our rich and vital farming heritage. 98% of Michigan farms are owned by families just like yours, with a tradition and dedication to quality food production, caring for the land and animals, and a commitment to a green future. There's nothing like pouring a fresh, cool glass of milk, enjoying corn on the cob, carving a craggy face on a Halloween pumpkin, or grilling juicy steaks and pork chops. The seasons may fade, but Michigan agriculture is enduring - taste the Pure Michigan difference.

  • General Agriculture Facts
    • Michigan farmers grow and raise more than 300 varieties of food/commodities.
    • 98% of Michigan farms are family owned.
    • Michigan agriculture contributes $101 billion to the state's economy.
    • Michigan's agriculture industry employs 923,000 people.
    Foodie Central  
    Are you interested in getting down to the roots of your food? Stop by the Michigan Ag Council website for Michigan recipes, virtually meet farmers through personal stories and videos, get farm facts and tips and trends for foodies.
    Breakfast on the Farm  
     Breakfast on the Farm events let  you meet farmers, tour farms and enjoy a locally-grown breakfast. You'll learn how cows are milked, pet animals, take wagon rides, see tractors and more! It's fun, free and educational for the entire family.
    Agriculture and Natural Resources Week 
    A century ago, ANR Week began as a round-up of lectures and demonstrations for farmers. While times have changed, ANR Week, March 7 - 14, 2015, still serves all people in the state of Michigan as Michigan State University hosts a full week of engaging lectures, demonstrations, exhibits and evening programs.
    Get Connected 
    Are you planning a road trip across Michigan? Be sure to incorporate stops at farmers' markets and agritourism destinations along your way!
    Pure Michigan Apples  
    Michigan is the third-largest producer of apples in the nation. With more than 20 different varieties of Michigan Apples produced commercially, you're sure to find an easy favorite. Join the conversation on Facebook and get recipes, upcoming events and more.
    Where's the Beef?  
    Approximately 12,000 family farms in Michigan raise beef cattle. Meet some of our beef farm families and hear their stories. Check out the Cook’s Corner for delicious new recipes and use our nutrition facts to help you make healthy choices.

    Got Michigan Milk? 

    Have you ever wondered where the milk you pour for your family comes from? It comes from a local dairy farm only miles from home. Three servings of low-fat or fat-free, nutrient-rich dairy foods every day plays a crucial role in helping to promote bone health, healthy blood pressure and weight. Check out these Michigan dairy facts. 
    Pork: The Other White Meat  
    Michigan’s pork producers  are leaders in the use of responsible practices that benefit the environment, the animals, their communities and provide you with a safe, nutritious, wholesome food.
    Put a Little Soy in Your Life!  
    Packed with high quality protein, soyfoods will keep your family energized and satisfied. With soyfoods you'll enjoy fewer calories, less saturated fat and no cholesterol! Learn more about our Michigan soybean farmers. 
    Versatile, Abundant Michigan Corn
    Michigan Corn growers continue to be on the cutting edge.Less than 15 years ago, eco-friendly ethanol had little impact on America reaching its goal of energy independence. In 2011, the ethanol industry eliminated the need for 485 million barrels of oil and added more than $30 billion to U.S. household income.
    Nothing Beats Michigan Blueberries
    When you think Pure Michigan, think Blueberries, Naturipe® brand blueberries. The Blueberry People was formed in 1936 as the Michigan Blueberry Growers Association by the original blueberry pioneers in the state. The tradition continues delivering the healthiest, best tasting blueberries you can buy.
    Michigan's Voice of Agriculture
    Michigan produces more than 300 agricultural commodities, ranging from tart cherries and cucumbers to dry black beans and many varieties of flowers. The Michigan Farm Bureau is dedicated to agricultural education with online games at My American Farm and recommended reading, including “How Did That Get in My Lunchbox? The Story of Food.”