South Haven

  • South Haven 16 - Beyond the Beach

    Beyond the Beach

    Though best known for its big, beautiful beaches and summer-time charm, South Haven is perhaps most enjoyed in the fall as the pace slows and the colors glow. Stretching into late October, autumn in South Haven and the surrounding area offer vineyards, u-pick orchards, and family farms at the height of their season.

  • Find Your Escape in South Haven 

    Home to some of Michigan's oldest resorts and bed and breakfasts, South Haven offers small town charm with more than 70 upscale shops, cafes, restaurants and boutiques. Enjoy the warm autumn sun on one of seven beaches. Feel the gentle breezes as you leisurely walk the pier of the often-photographed historic lighthouse. Experience the Great Lakes' rich heritage in the Maritime District. Sail Lake Michigan on a tall ship or cruise the harbor on an old-fashioned water taxi. Travel Blue Star Highway where artisans, galleries and antiques converge on a 16-mile stretch of scenic roadway. And celebrate the bountiful harvest at plentiful year-round farmers markets and wineries. So this fall travel to South Haven where the fun begins.