St. Ignace

  • Enjoy your trip to St. Ignace

    Enjoy your trip to St. Ignace

    So instead of hibernating this winter, let's leave the couch behind and set our sights for St. Ignace and escape to the winter play land of Pure Michigan. Your trip begins at

  • Getaway to St. Ignace, Michigan

    Winter is better above the bridge in St. Ignace, where fun can be found on the ice, in the woods and around town. Just cross the mighty Mackinac Bridge and find yourself in a winter wonderland where people are taking playing in the snow to a whole new level. Sure - you've golfed before, but have you ice golfed? Have you played hockey on the biggest outdoor pond in North America? Have you bowled on the ice? Glided on cross country ski trails through Hiawatha National Forest? Raced past a deer on snowmobile? Let us show you how winter is better with a little help from your friends in St. Ignace.

  • St. Ignace

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  • Saint Ignace Weather

    M/CLOUDY, humidity 80%, barometer 30.01,
    wind 5 mph SSE
    Mostly cloudy and much colder
    14°F | 4°F
    Mostly cloudy and much colder
    Mainly cloudy and quite cold
    20°F | 15°F
    Mainly cloudy and quite cold
    Mostly cloudy and cold
    23°F | 15°F
    Mostly cloudy and cold
    Mostly cloudy
    29°F | 23°F
    Mostly cloudy
    Cloudy with snow showers
    27°F | 7°F
    Cloudy with snow showers

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