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  • Travel Michigan is pleased to assist qualified journalists in pursuit of their feature stories and coverage of Michigan. Whether you are a freelance travel or feature writer, on staff at a TV or radio station, of if you are a journalist working on a travel-related story on Michigan, Travel Michigan and its public relations agency offer guidance and assistance.

    Upon submission of the attached form a member of Travel Michigan will contact you to discuss story ideas, areas of the state, specific needs you may have, and to arrange a meeting with a member of our staff.

    Media who request assistance in arranging complimentary hotel accommodations and itinerary development need to provide the following:

    Please understand it is our primary goal to assist working travel media. Host locations are not always able to accommodate spouses, children and companions accompanying working press.

    Requests can be submitted to:

    Michelle Grinnell 
    Senior Communications Specialist
    Travel Michigan/MEDC
    300 N Washington Square
    Lansing, Michigan 48913
    t: 517-241-0251
    c: 517-763-6078
    e: begnochem@michigan.org