Travel Michigan Radio Show

  • Travel Michigan Radio ShowEach week, Travel Michigan talks with industry professionals from all over the state on the “Travel Michigan” radio show. The program originates from WJR, Detroit (AM-760) and airs each weekend on several Michigan radio stations. We’re always looking for new guests. If you have an event, something new added to your area/business, or a special attraction that is unique, we would love to have you as a guest on the show! Please contact the Pure Michigan radio show staff to set up a recording time. Keep in mind, we typically record the program on Tuesday’s, for airing, two to three weeks later…so let us know of your interest, as early as possible to get on the schedule. 

    To be considered as a guest, please contact: 

    Amanda Munson, Producer 
    t: 517-373-0671

    David Lorenz, Host
    t: 517-335-0007

    Michelle Grinnell, Host
    t: 517-241-0251

    Travel Michigan is aired on the following stations on Sundays: 

    • WJR 760 – Detroit  4 - 5 pm 
    • WKMI 1360 – Kalamazoo  6 - 7 am 
    • WJIM 1240 – Lansing  8 - 9 pm 
    • WJRW 1340 Grand Rapids 6 - 7 am 
    • WBCH 1220 Hasting  6 - 7 am 

    Also, now on SoundCloud (segment will be uploaded after air date).


    • Event must be 3-4 weeks in advance from air date. This helps people to plan ahead.
    • You must conduct your interview from a land line (no cell phones, no cordless, no exceptions).
    • We must call you. The WJR broadcast studio is not set up to take incoming calls during our recording. 
    • Please provide a backup number, in case we have trouble reaching you at the first number. 
    • The show is recorded just like a conversation. If you mess up, don’t worry. Make the correction and move on. We cannot stop taping or start over.
    • Since the shows are taped a few weeks in advance, avoid using terms like yesterday, today, tomorrow, last week and such. You can, however, refer to specific date.