American 1 Glory Shuttle

American 1 Glory Shuttle

American 1 Glory Shuttle offers round trip and single way trips to Detroit Metro, Kalamazoo International, Lansing Regional International, and Gerald Ford International airports. We also offer senior citizen (55 or older) and college student discounts. Family fares are grouped as one fare whether round trip or single. We offer our services to business, groups, families, singles, college students and seniors (family going with seniors get the senior discount fare). Persons under 18 must be accompanied to airport by an adult. The airport trip is based on one fare and is free to accompanied adult. We accept cash basis, in-sate check and Pay Pal. When making a Pay Pal payment, tax is included. American 1 Glory Shuttle also offers long distance service, Michigan wine tours and Fall color tours. Visit our travel fare pages for fee information.

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600 Burr Oak St

Albion, MI 49224

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Reservations: (517) 917-7525

Phone: (517) 917-7525


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