Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce

Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce

Beaver is the most remote inhabited island in the Great Lakes, laying in Lake Michigan about 30 miles north of Charlevoix. Most people coming to Beaver Island look forward to its abundant nature and solitude. There are also fine museums, gift shops, art galleries, a golf course and tennis courts, Island tours, house parties, classes at CMU, and dances and plays at the Hall. Much of what the island offers is free: beachcombing, bird watching, biking, camping, hunting, fishing, x-c skiing, or exploring the other islands. There are over 100 miles of scenic roads, and too many old trails to count. You may come to the island by ferry service from Charlevoix, charter boat, or airplane.

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PO Box 5

Beaver Island, MI 49782

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Phone: (231) 448-2505

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