Birge/Mertaugh/Nye/Wallace Nature Preserve

Birge/Mertaugh/Nye/Wallace Nature Preserve

435 acres combined. This area includes cedar wetlands, hardwoods, a small lake and 1.2 miles of lake frontage. The northern Lake Huron shoreline is some of the most biologically productive habitat in Michigan. Beaver, bald eagle, osprey and many other mammals and birds reside near Loon Lake. Abundant native wildflowers including orchids, lady slippers, gentian, asters, marsh marigold, Indian paintbrush and iris can be found throughout the property. Two trails lead from Brulee Point Road: the northern trail runs for two miles through forested areas; the southern trail is a quarter-mile long with a boardwalk and leads to the Loon Lake viewing platform. These preserves are located south of M-134 approximately 11 miles east of I-75. Two parking areas are along Brulee Point Road.

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Brulee Point Road

Hessel, MI 49745

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Phone: (231) 347-0991


Location of Birge/Mertaugh/Nye/Wallace Nature Preserve

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