Fishtown Charter Service

Fishtown Charter Service

May-October. The 'Carol Dee,' a 27 ft. Tiara, returns to Leland's Harbor after a successful morning of fishing. Fish the waters of the Manitous for chinook and coho salmon, lake trout, brown trout, and steelhead! These are Lake Michigan's most exciting and delicious fish. To catch them with regularity requires a reliable boat, sophisticated equipment, and most important, a captain with know-how. Fish Town Charter has a very qualified and experienced captain in Capt. Jim Munoz, who founded the business 26 years ago. a proven fishing boat, complete with fish-finding sonar, FM ship-to-shore radio, radar, and electronic downriggers. Fishing on Lake Michigan is exciting, a challenge. But it's also safe and fun for the whole family. "I always encourage my clients to wear soft-soled shoes and to bring snacks and drinks, sun glasses, rain gear, and a big cooler for the salmon, lake trout, brown, and steelhead that they'll catch. "Fishtown Charter Service is the oldest fishing service out of Leland...I know the fishing grounds, and I'd like to have you fish with me."


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1657 N. Manitou Trail

Box 133

Leland, MI 49654

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Phone: (231) 256-9639



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