Hamtramck Coney Island

Hamtramck Coney Island

Of course there is a Coney Island in Hamtramck, it is Michigan for crying out loud. This little corner diner isn't exactly what it used to be in terms of foot traffic. It has slowed in recent years as Hamtramck's cuisine card grew. But if you're looking for a greasy burger or a sloppy Coney dog, and plain ol' cup of coffee that costs two bits (actually, a bit more), then Hamtramck Coney Island is your place. Sit at the counter, look out the window, watch the guy sling some hash browns, and sip your coffee, it's quite picturesque when you're there. Just be careful, the grease will stick to your clothes.

Contact Information


9741 Joseph Campau St.

Hamtramck, MI 48212

Driving Directions

Phone: (313) 873-4569


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