Lawton Heritage Museum

Lawton Heritage Museum

The Lawton Heritage Museum is nestled in the huge wine cellars of the Lawton Lions Heritage Community Center in the village of Lawton. The center itself is a unique architectural structure of cobblestone located in the heart of the “Fruit Belt” of southwest Michigan. The 1903 structure, a state and national historic site, is the state’s oldest standing winery building which makes it a most appropriate setting for the Museum. Displays depict circa 1900-1940 farming, processing, and daily life in support of the industry. Major exhibits include vineyard farm equipment, very early wine and grape processing machinery, local related history displays, home life depictions, interior barn decor, one room school house setting, village general store, soda shop, barber shop, train station, and memorabilia from various wineries and fruit processors. The unique layout of the Museum allows visitors to wander among the displays, touch but not handle artifacts and ask questions of the volunteers. The Museum has no regular hours, but is available upon request for groups of any size or for individuals. Schools, 4H, scouts, and other youth groups are encouraged. Adequate adult supervision is required.

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646 North Nursery

Lawton, MI 49065

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