Manistee Riverwalk

Manistee Riverwalk

This boardwalk wanders along the shore of the Manistee River 2.75 miles through downtown Manistee to Lake Michigan. It is the most interesting urban pathway in these four counties. There is parking provided at multiple locations along the length of River and Water Streets in Manistee, and at 1st Street Beach.

Designed for pedestrians and handicapped accessible, there are multiple benches, picnic areas, interpretive signs, private docks, charter fishing docks and nearby businesses. The trail ends at Lake Michigan. There are lights at the east end, so you could stroll the downtown sections after dark on a summer evening.

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70 Maple Street

Manistee, MI 49660

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Toll Free: (877) 626-4783

Phone: (231) 398-9355


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