Placid Wake Park

At the Beach

At the Beach

Enjoy the day at the beach while you wakeboard, wakeskate and wakesurf.


Placid Wake Park will open in the spring of 2010 at Placid Waters in Allendale, MI, bringing wakeboard access to the masses and providing Michigan with its first wakeboard cable park. However, Placid Wake Park is so much more than just a cable. Energized with a passion for wakeboarding, we have big plans for Midwest wakeboarding and the journey starts now. Placid Wake Park features the latest innovation in the cable industry, allowing riders a unique learning tool unlike anything else in Michigan. Many professionals credit the System 2.0 as key to learning new tricks with ease. Wakeboarding is now open to new features and rails that were never possible before. Stay tuned for more videos of how the system works as soon as our cable is up and running. Do you wish you could ride more often but don't have access to a boat of your own? Come out to Placid Waters and you can ride anytime you want. Placid Wake Park features a controlled private lake that is designed specifically for watersports. Our drivers and instructors can teach you to wakeboard or help you take it to the next level. Look for clinics both on the boat lake and the cable with top professionals from around the country.

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11252 84th Ave

West Olive, MI 49460

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Phone: (616) 892-9253


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