Respite Cappuccino Court

Respite Cappuccino Court

The rural traditions of Douglas are rooted in family and friends located between two bodies of water, Lake Michigan and Kalamazoo River. The inspiration behind Respite Cappuccino Court is my image of sitting in that old kitchen in Europe, set amidst a unique small town with a small table in the kitchen, shelves filled with bagged coffee. The shop is decorated with family photo’s and filled with a sense of family. Whether you are decorating a whole house or just a room, you’ll love working with note worthy a cup filled with house blend may include thoughts of sentiment, encouragement, hope, future, resolve. On their own, each cup might not be special or even noteworthy, but added to some feelings or used to think outside of the box they bring a personal touch that you may have been missing. Although there are all sorts of coffees to collect and use, my favorites include Respite House Blend, Fair Trade Rawanda, Sugar Cookies or Organic Galapagos. I also adore Italian Roast Espresso which has a crème that is smooth and rich. Also we offer tea and sandwiches.

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48 Center Street

PO Box 880

Douglas, MI 49406

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Phone: (269) 857-5411


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