STAGE-M/Tuba Bach

STAGE-M is a community theatre group in its 30th year. We produce four to five productions each year (Nov, Feb, Apr, Juy, Sept) ranging from dramas to comedies, to mysteries to the ever popular musical. We are located in Big Rapids Michigan. Tickets range from $4.00 to $12.00. Venues range from the Big Rapids High School Auditorium, to Crossroads Charter Academy Auditorium, to banquet halls for dinner theatre presentations, to city hall, to the courthouse etc. Always new, always changing, STAGE-M is open to new participants on stage, back stage and in the audience. Tuba Bach is an annual music festival bringing in outstanding musicians from around the country and around the world. Led by Dr. Edward Mallett, an internationally known Tuba and Euphonium player -- string quartets, piano virtuosos, flute, guitar, harmonica, tubas, euphoniums, choirs play and sing with Dr. Mallett. Admission is free and lasts for six weeks (last three weeks in September and first three weeks in October -- Sunday afternoons at 4pm at the Big Rapids High School Auditorium. Guest musicians also provide work shops and mini concerts for the local schools. This is a unique concert series.


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P.O. Box 1236

Big Rapids, MI 49307

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Reservations: (231) 592-8499

Phone: (231) 592-8499


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