Stone Circle

Stone Circle

Located on a narrow strip of land between Lake Michigan and Torch Lake, the Stone Circle is a triple ring of 88 large boulders forming a natural amphitheater, the center fire pit a hypnotic focus. The circular arrangements of boulders and setting were designed by Poet Bard Terry Wooten to capture the atmosphere of ancient cultures that gathered in family or community groups to exchange stories of everyday life and lore. Today the Stone Circle is reminiscent of a time before television and computers, when bards spun their tales to an enchanted audience. At this Stone Circle every Saturday evening, from mid-June through Labor Day Weekend, Terry is host to other poets, storytellers, musicians and an audience of young and old who stir their tales in the communal brew that this unique recipe for communication offers. Please join us under a canopy of stars and add your spark to the fire.

Terry Wooten

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11925 Stone Circle Dr.

Kewadin, MI 49648

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Phone: (231) 264-9467



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