Susie's Sweets and Eats

Susie's Sweets and Eats

Nestled among the historic storefronts of Downtown Monroe is a shop with sweet memories of the past. Candies from many generations, past and present line the shelves, many long forgotten and just waiting to be rediscovered. The smells of sweetness fill the air, not from the 195 different candies alone, but from the freshly made, handcrafted Gourmet Popcorn. Every day the smell of freshly made popcorn pours out of our kitchen as over 30 flavors are made on site. With flavors ranging from the classic Caramel corn to decadent chocolate drizzled popcorn, there is a flavor that everyone is sure to love. With all that popcorn what better way to wash it down would be with a soda, but why not get one straight out the past? Many would think that flavors such as: Grape Nehi, Kickapoo Joy Juice and RC Cola have been lost forever as the national brands took over the market. But that is simply not true. Over 200 flavors of classic sodas, still in glass bottles, fill our coolers and shelves. Most of these classics are made the original way by being sweetened with cane sugar, instead of the modern process of using corn syrup. For an Ice cold memory and more, stop in at Susie’s Sweets and Eats in Downtown Monroe. Susie’s is truly a destination to visit for anyone wanting to experience a part of your childhood and to make new memories that will last a lifetime.

Susie's Sweets & Eats

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21 W 1st Street

Monroe, MI 48161

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Phone: (734) 682-3526

Fax: (734) 682-3528



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