The Sawyer Homestead

The Sawyer Homestead

1785 Sawyer Homestead land acquired from Potowatomi Indians by Francis Navarre where he built a cabin on this site. 1873, Sawyer family moves into Homestead. Staircase built from Navarre cabin logs. Gas pipes built into walls for future gas lighting (later – electricity ran through same pipes). 1881 Dr Sawyer was one of the early proponents of Homeopathy as the correct philosophy of medicine. He urged the University of Michigan to adopt this mode of medical practice; UofM accepted this medical philosophy in 1881. He was an American delegate to the International Homeopathic Congress in London in 1881 and was elected president of the National Institute of Homeopathy in 1889. He died in 1891. He served as Monroe’s Mayor twice (year). 1862 Jenny Sawyer was born May 20, 1862 to Nancy Degraff Toll-Sawyer. Jenny attended Boyd Seminary for Young Ladies in Monroe and completed her education in Dixon Illinois. In 1885, Miss Sawyer attended the Inaugural Ball for President Cleveland. Jenny was pretty, petite, brown-eyed, brown-haired, stylish, vivacious, well-traveled, and disdainful of gossip, and patriotic. 1901 Jennie was a member of the Trinity Episcopal Church. In 1901 the Monroe Civic Improvement Society was organized. As Chairman, she arranged for the dedication of the River Raisin Battlefield Monument 1904.

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