Thumbs Up Wine Trail

For those who enjoy the finer tastes of life, welcome to Thumbs Up Wine Trail. Like the name suggests, the trail is in the “Thumb Region" of Michigan. Thumbs Up Wine Trail boasts charming, relaxing, distinctive tasting rooms which offer the opportunity to sample and learn about some of the products available. It meanders for approximately 270 miles round trip, consists of vineyards, wineries, meadery and a ciderhouse. Be sure to ask the local wineries about events and places of interest in the area. Thumbs Up Wine Trail covers 12 wineries along the thumb region of southeast Michigan. You can visit them all in a long weekend if you start early. It is just as much fun to extend the trail adventure over several weekends so you can really enjoy the experience of each distinct location. This is a great opportunity to take in the tastes and sights of the area. There are several lovely bed and breakfasts along the trail. Be sure to ask your wine makers about all the places of interest.

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