• Snowshoeing - A Pure Michigan Winter

    Snowshoeing - A Pure Michigan Winter

    Snowshoeing is Pure Michigan. One of the oldest forms of transportation, it also offers outdoor enthusiasts a great way to connect with nature. Watch as park naturalist, Theresa Neal, takes us on a snowshoe adventure, exploring the serene sights and sounds of Tahquamenon Falls and a Pure Michigan winter.

  • Snowshoe through the woods, breathing air filled with smells of the forest, hearing nothing but the sound of your own footsteps. Snowshoeing in Michigan offers outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers a respite among picturesque trails and terrains. A silent sport, snowshoeing offers a unique opportunity to meld into your surroundings and feel what ancient cultures must have experienced as snowshoeing is one of the oldest forms of transportation. 

    Snowshoeing lets you enjoy the snow’s tranquility in a Pure Michigan winter.