Michigan Trails

  • The beginning of the trail is the beginning of a new adventure. Whether on foot or by hoof, biked or moped, it’s as much about the journey as it is the destination. More than 1,300 miles of biking and hiking trails. More than 3,100 miles of ORV trails. And thousands more yet to be discovered.

    So let’s meet at the trailhead, either on foot, horse, bike, or ORV and begin a new adventure.

    • Hiking

      Hiking. Courtesy of Chris Arace

      Strap on the backpack and grab your water bottle as you trek the mountains of the Upper Peninsula or walk the thousands of miles of rail-trails that crisscross the state.

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    • Biking

      Biking - White Pine Trail. Courtesy of S. Walker

      Whether radically biking the Upper Peninsula’s mountain trails or leisurely peddling one of more than 1,300 biking trails, spend time touring Michigan’s great outdoors.

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    • Equestrian

      Learn how to ride a horse at Double JJ Ranch, Rothbury

      Saddle up and blaze your own trail through majestic stands of hardwoods, rivers and streams or hundreds of miles of rail-trails. So let’s mount up and ride off into a perfect Michigan sunset.

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    • Off Road Vehicles

      Rent a dune buggy or bring your own at Silver Lake

      Hop on your quad and go full throttle, tearing it up on rugged terrain. Or take a laidback trip, feeling the warm sun in the open sky. Either way, enjoy an ORV adventure worth the ride.

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    • Road Trips

      Road Trips, Photo courtesy of Brian Confer

      Road trips are the perfect way to get an up close and personal tour of Michigan’s City Tours, Fall Color Tours, Foodie Tours, Heritage Tours, Maritime Tours, and Wine, Beer and Spirit Trails.

    • Snowmobiling

      Snowmobile Trails, Newberry

      Each Michigan snowmobiling adventure is unique and exciting, as there are over 6,204 maintained, interconnected snowmobile trails throughout the state.

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    • Cross Country Skiing

      Cross County Skiing. Courtesy of Chris Arace

      Michigan cross country skiing trails stretch over 3,000 miles and the hush of snow-covered scenery sets the stage for an invigorating wintertime adventure.

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