Michigan Apples

  • Small Towns

    Small Towns

    Next time you go shopping, look for a bag of Michigan apples, where small-town goodness will be found inside. Towns that grow Michigan apples on 950 family-run farms throughout the state. Farms that benefit from sun-drenched days, cool nights and soil made hearty by the Great Lakes.

  • With an average of $700-$900 million annual impact to Michigan's economy, it is no wonder why apples are one of Michigan's largest and most valuable fruit crops. Michigan, the nation's third-largest producer of apples, consists of 850 family-run orchards with the majority of them being less than 200 acres. Small family farms, a tradition of stewardship of the land, and climate and geography make your locally grown apples "Pure Michigan." With more than 20 different commercially produced varieties, you're sure to find a favorite.

    Pink Fuji, Honeycrisp, McIntosh, by any name, delicious. Crunch into a crisp Michigan apple and taste fall.

  • Varieties
    Whether your preference is tart and tangy, crisp and crunchy, or sweet and juicy, there is a flavor to satisfy all taste buds. Most consumers prefer Michigan Honeycrisp and Jonagold for their crisp bite and distinctive flavor. Fuji and Gala are usually enjoyed fresh. Stop into your favorite grocery store or local farm market to taste all the Michigan apple flavors.  

    Michigan Apples 

    Michigan produces more than 900 million pounds of apples per year. Highly-efficient apple trees, about 10 - 12 feet high, are grown in a high-density manner with as many as 2,000 trees per acre.  About 60% of Michigan apples are processed into pie filling, fresh cut slices, applesauce, jellies, butter, juice, cider and vinegar. Michigan is also the leading producer of slices for commercially prepared apple pie.
    Michigan Apple Growers
    Michigan growers pride themselves on being good stewards of the land, with a strong commitment to reducing erosion, preserving the water supply, and practicing natural pest control. They value the importance of a healthy environment for their families, communities and future growers. Additionally, Michigan's socially conscious growers donate more than one million pounds of apples to hungry families through the Michigan Food Bank Council.
    Michigan Apple Tours   
    Travel Michigan and rediscover Michigan apples through a tour of participating apple orchards. Learn about agricultural history, engage in family activities and bite into some of the freshest fruit that Michigan offers.

     Michigan Apple Retailers 

    Wondering where to find Michigan Apples? View the list of local retailers selling Michigan Apples in your area.
    Michigan Apple Nutrition
    Michigan apples offer a variety of benefits that help contribute to a healthy diet; they are an excellent source of fiber, protect your arteries and contain boron - an essential element that helps harden bones to avoid osteoporosis. Michigan apples also help reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke, cancer and heart disease. With only 80 calories, Michigan apples are a great way to help keep you on track with weight loss. Find out more ways in which apples can be good for your health.
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