First Time Visitor

  • Welcome to Pure Michigan

    Welcome to Pure Michigan

    Tom Daldin, host of the Emmy award winning PBS series “Under the Radar” introduces first-time visitors to Michigan. Urban adventures, outdoor enthusiasts and foodies alike will be greeted by Michigan’s cool cities, unspoiled natural resources and exploding farm-to-fork movement. Take your vacation to the next level that is Pure Michigan.

  • Welcome to Pure Michigan, where snow signals the true start of a Michigan winter.

    Beginning mid-December and stretching through the end of February, Michigan magically transforms itself into to a clean, glistening white play land. It’s a chance to create snow angels, catapult snowballs and build ice castles. It’s a chance to conquer new hills and explore new trails. A chance to bundle up, get outside and laugh with the ones you love.

    To help plan your adventure, check the Hot Spot listings, use the Trip Planner which allows you to easily build your personal itinerary or check out festivals, exhibits and performances on the statewide events calendar. Be sure to stop by the Pure Michigan blog to read first-hand experiences of other travelers and Michigan enthusiasts. If you love taking winter photos, consider sharing them on Twitter or Instagram with the #PureMichigan hashtag or on Pure Michigan's Facebook page with over 700,000 fans.

    Winter offers adventurers that only happen once a year--embracing the wind as you toboggan down an icy hill, listening to the crunch of fresh snow under your snowshoes, catching snowflakes on the tip of your tongue, snuggling under a blanket after a day on the ski slopes.

    So open the cedar chest, retrieve your favorite wool sweater and begin planning your Pure Michigan winter adventure.