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Western Upper Peninsula

Find four seasons of unparalleled beauty and recreation opportunities in Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula.

Central Upper Peninsula

See some of nature’s finest masterpieces on display in Michigan’s Central Upper Peninsula.

Eastern Upper Peninsula

With hidden lakes, coursing waterfalls and a rich history, time takes on a new meaning in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula.

Northwest Michigan

Michigan’s Northwest Region offers a rich blend of adventure, relaxation and breathtaking natural attractions.

Northeast Michigan

Mornings take on a whole new meaning along the Sunrise Coast in Michigan’s Northeast Region.

East Central Michigan

The East Central region of the state is rich with family-friendly destinations as well as a bounty of hidden gems.

West Central

Home to thriving urban centers as well as some of Michigan’s most pristine shoreline, the West Central region is inviting and exciting.

South East Michigan

The art of the Comeback is on full display in Detroit, the heart of Southeast Michigan.


Beaches, amusements and the freshest tastes around are all on the agenda during a visit to Michigan’s Southwest Region.

Lake Superior sea caves

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With endless outdoor adventure and vibrant cityscapes, Michigan is the perfect place to create memories together this season.

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