Kayaker in waters of the Les Cheneaux Islands
Meanwhile in Michigan.

Discover Michigan’s Hidden Travel Gems

In a world where everything moves fast, slow down and relax with a perfect escape in Pure Michigan.

Daily life is organized by routine. Waiting in traffic during a morning commute, grinding through meetings, checking the next item on the agenda and preparing to start again the next day. Meanwhile in Michigan, the sunrises are peaceful, and the breathtaking landscape is disturbed only by singing birdskayak gliding through the quiet waters. 
As you set out on trails less traveled, discover unforgettable views and crisp, fresh air. On Michigan's pristine waters, cast a line and relax for the time-honored tradition of fishing. Here, life’s routines can wait. Take a trip to experience hidden gems like no other in Pure Michigan.
Michigan's Upper Peninsula | Heart Rate
Escape to Michigan's tranquil and exciting Upper Peninsula. Adventure can be found around every corner, whether your path is a river, trail or scenic road.
Meanwhile in Michigan.
Listen to what you would rather be doing right now in Pure Michigan.

Meanwhile in Michigan.