The Big Fashion Guy’s Detroit Dining Guide

In recent years, Detroit’s restaurant industry took a huge hit and support is more important than ever. In support of our restaurant community, here is a list of some of my favorite places to eat at in Detroit. From breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner—Detroit is still serving up the goods, whether through take-out, cozy patio and igloo dining and dine-in options.

Guest author “The Big Fashion Guy” getting coffee to go.
The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company | Photos Courtesy of @TheBigFashionGuy

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The Clique

Cream Cheese-Stuffed French Toast



Cream Cheese-Stuffed French Toast | Photos Courtesy of @TheBigFashionGuy

A true Detroit breakfast tradition. The Clique is by far one of my favorite breakfast spots. I love the banana fosters and when I tried the cream cheese-stuffed French toast topped with a berry compote, oh my goodness it was delicious. 

I couldn’t say it better myself than the way the owners say it on the website, “They say good things come in small packages and the storied Clique Restaurant in Detroit’s Rivertown is no exception. Replete with all the go-to diner favorites, the tiny-but-fabulous greasy spoon also offers unique breakfast offerings such as homemade salmon cakes and grilled cinnamon buns.”

It is a gem.


Smokey G's Smokehouse

Beef brisket barbeque sandwich in a to go box.



 Beef Brisket Sandwich | Photos Courtesy of @TheBigFashionGuy

Having a craving for barbecue (BBQ) with all the fixings? Smokey G's Smokehouse is your spot. All their meat is slow-smoked with fruitwood, giving you a flavor you can’t resist. Located at Valade Park adjacent to the Aretha Franklin Amphitheater, Smokey G's is a go-to for lunch, especially if you are in the downtown area.

Here I had the beef brisket sandwich, and the meat was so tender it melted in my mouth. Once you have had Smokey G's BBQ, you are hooked. 


The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company

Interior of Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company



The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company | Photos Courtesy of @TheBigFashionGuy

Great Lakes Coffee is an all-around cool spot to be. Not only are their aesthetics great, so is the coffee, which is due in large part to their direct relationships with the farmers that they buy coffee from. They work with them to tweak and develop new strategies to improve the coffee which they roast and brew.

So, whenever I am in Midtown, I stop at the Woodward Avenue location. My favorite drink is their chai latte. They also have a great selection of desserts (including vegan options too) so I always grab a cookie or a Danish.


Go! Sy Thai

Vegetable Egg Noodle dish in to go box.



Vegetable Egg Noodle | Photos Courtesy of @TheBigFashionGuy

Their motto is “Same Same, But Different”, and that’s exactly what they offer. Classic Thai food with a delicious twist. They offer halal, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options, which is perfect if you are anything like me, and always looking for delicious and healthy places to eat. My favorite dish is the vegetable egg noodle. 


Udon Noodle Entrees



Udon Noodle Entrees | Photos Courtesy of @TheBigFashionGuy

Looking for something different, ima is a cool place to check out. They serve up a modern spin on Japanese noodles and other dishes. They have locations in Midtown and Madison Heights, and each has its own unique twists. When visiting for the first time, I had one of their udon noodle entrees which was packed with flavor.


Two James Spirits

Various cocktails on a table.



Cocktails at Two James Spirits | Photo Courtesy of @TheBigFashionGuy

The first licensed distillery in Detroit since the Prohibition, Two James Spirits offers their own brand of spirits in Corktown. What makes their cocktails even better is that they’re committed to being environmentally conscious, utilizing locally sourced agricultural products to also help revitalize the community.  

If you are looking to get out of the house and meet a small group of friends for drinks, Two James Spirits is definitely a vibe.

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