Beauty knows no season in Pure Michigan.

When winter's last gasps give way to spring, Michigan's waterfalls roar to life and the delicate pink and white buds of wildflowers brighten wooded hiking trails. Great Lakes beaches come alive with the summer sun.

Sailboats dot the aquamarine waters and children mold sandcastles along the shore, while inland Michigan's farm markets overflow with summer's bounty: baskets of blueberries, piles of golden sweet corn, armfuls of fragrant flowers and peaches so juicy they'll run down your chin. Michigan autumns arrive with an explosion when the state's 19 million acres of hardwood trees burst into crimson, yellow and orange.


Enjoy a crisp morning bicycle ride through a kaleidoscope of colorful foliage. Fill a basket with u-pick apples and pears. Or sip the flavors of autumn at a Pure Michigan winery. When winter finally returns, zip up your parka and embrace the cold. Mush across the snow behind a dogsled and schuss down a northern Michigan ski slope. Or just snuggle before the fireplace at a romantic inn, enjoying the snowy landscape outside. The seasons have never looked lovlier than they do in Michigan.

Fall in Love with Michigan
No Matter What the Season