Spring Your Way into Camping Fun!

Spring Your Way into Camping Fun!

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With springtime weather making an early entrance this year, it’s not hard to start thinking of the great outdoors, camping, campfire stories—and RVing. Now that we’ve spent most of the last several months indoors, it’s time to break the cabin fever. Ready to get outside? Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds is your perfect trip-planning resource.

a group getting their off road vehicles ready to ride at a campsite.
Photo Courtesy of Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds

From fishing to horseback riding, trail hiking to canoeing, ATVing to zip-lining—if your family enjoys an active vacation, there is a Michigan campground and RV park just waiting for you to take advantage of their offerings. Need more incentives? Many MARVAC member campgrounds offer community-planned events and activities like special-themed weekends all season long.
Since camping provides the perfect social distancing opportunities--and the key to a great season of RVing and camping is advance planning. After experiencing heavy attendance at private campgrounds and state parks last year, the Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds anticipates a busy season this year and recommends making reservations and plans as early as possible.

Remember, the more open your schedule, the greater opportunities for finding your perfect spot. If you cannot immediately make a reservation at your favorite campgrounds, ask to be put on the cancellation list and follow up with a couple of phone calls or emails to see if anything has opened up. On the flip side, make sure to check your cancellation policy when you decide on a destination, just in case plans change.

Advanced planning isn’t exclusive to finding a place to set up camp. Spring is a busy time for RV dealers and service centers. Save yourself time and hassle by making an appointment to have your RV professionally serviced early in the season and before taking any trip.

While there are many things an RV owner can do themselves to prepare for a trip like cleaning the interior thoroughly, restocking, and organizing, some things are best left to the professionals. Brake work, oil and fluid changes, and warranty work are a few tasks best taken care of at a service center. Call now to make an appointment. Bring a list of any other issues with you so they can take care of everything in one visit.

If this is the year to get a new RV, or your first RV, you’ll want to begin researching the best RV for your needs. When researching RVs, keep in mind things like the type of travel, camping and outdoor activities you enjoy now or want to start enjoying. Whether you envision weekend trips to a sandy shore or extended excursions in the UP with loads of gear, there is an RV to match your travel and camping personality. Considering renting? Talk to a dealership sooner about this popular travel option.

Check out the comprehensive listing of MARVAC-member campgrounds, RV dealers and service providers, by features or regions, at www.marvac.org and get ready to spring your way into a great RV and camping season.