Springtime in St. Ignace is a Bucket List-worthy Road Trip!

Every season has its pros and cons, and one of the best parts about Michigan is that each season is very distinct and puts on a spectacular display. Summer explodes with warmth and beauty, Fall astounds with colors brighter and more vivid than any photograph or painting could do justice to. In winter, the ice and snow draws out the inner beauty of the rugged landscape and is stunning in its own unforgiving way. Winter gives us a chance to pause and reflect and to plan for warmer days ahead.

But there is something about spring that is different than all the rest. No season brings on the excitement and anticipation that spring does. A patch of grass emerging from the snow, a crocus bud bursting at the seams, a robin puffing out its chest. These small and insignificant occurrences bring on a flutter of hope and optimism. Of rebirth and renewal.

Spring is a time to surround yourself with nature. Before the busy summer season fills the free days on your calendar, take some time this spring to watch the world wake up from its long winter’s nap.

Take a Hike. The North Country National Scenic Trail winds its way through most of the northern Midwest with over 1,100 miles in Michigan alone. Make your way through the Hiawatha National forest by following this beautiful trail that also winds through downtown St. Ignace on our historic boardwalk that hugs the shores of Lake Huron. Along the way, you will encounter informational plaques and recorded stories you can listen to on your cellphone detailing St. Ignace’s rich history, steeped in Native American and French Fur Trader lore. While on your way, keep your eye out for early spring wildflowers and the spring migration of Canadian Geese and other migrating birds making their way back home.

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Learn Something New. Take a step back in time on Memorial Day Weekend for our annual Native American Festival at the Museum of Ojibwa Culture located downtown on State Street. The museum offers a display of authentic artifacts including tools, crafts, clothing and more. Take to the grounds to check out the new Native American Sculpture Park and indulge in some traditional tacos made with authentic Native American fry bread while you listen to native drummers sing and dance to traditional songs. You may even pick up a few new Ojibwa words while wandering the teepees filled with handmade crafts and original artifacts. Megwetch!

Get the Blood Pumping. Our third annual Jeep the Mac takes place on April 20 and 21. If you don’t own a Jeep (and can’t borrow one from a friend) it’s still worth watching as over 750 Jeeps cross the Mighty Mackinac Bridge Friday afternoon. If you’re interested in participating, sign up at stignace.com. Registration includes bridge fare, lunch with beer tent and live music, and a ferry ticket to Drummond Island for Saturday’s festivities. Get ready for some mud-slinging fun as you take to the trails Saturday with trails ranging from “beginner” to “good thing we have a tow strap” followed by the Spring Migration Jamboree.

Springtime in St. Ignace is certainly a bucket list-worthy road trip if you’ve never experienced it. Be sure to visit our website at www.stignace.com or call our office at 906-643-6950 to start planning your spring getaway today!