Decorate Your Home With These Michigan-Themed Items

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For those who live in or come from Michigan, the Great Lakes state is a source of pride. We love to show where we live on our hands, brag about the Great Lakes and root for our home sports teams. Why not show off this pride in our homes? Here are a few home-décor items that could serve as a daily reminder of why you love Michigan.

1. Pewabic Pottery Detroit Tigers Tile

Pewabic Pottery is a Detroit gem and national historical landmark. The unique art form of these products was created in 1903 by Mary Chase Perry Stratton and continues to be made today right here in Michigan. Pewabic pottery makes a great home décor item that will last for years to come. There are several styles and themes to choose from; such as Detroit sports, Michigan-themed or just decorative styles that will fit in with any interior design. This is a piece that can be picked up during a trip to the Motor City.

2. Lake Art Clock

Lake Art is a family-owned business located in Harbor Springs. They offer customizable products that focus on the beauty of the lakes, oceans and rivers that surround us. This wall clock has a unique design element where the water is stained blue and is actually recessed below the rest of the wood. Every piece is made from scratch using Made in America materials.

3. Salt Labs Mitt-chigan Oven Mitt

Salt Labs is a design studio in Farmington Hills that creates textiles and paper products for the home. They also make pillows, wall art and maps with cool designs. These oven mitts would make a great addition to the kitchen, especially if you’re cooking a pie made from Michigan berries!

4. Michigan Mapleworks Cutting Board

Michigan Mapleworks is a company based in Gaylord that uses northern Michigan maple or cherry wood to create accessories primarily for the kitchen. Each piece is hand sanded and dipped in mineral oil. This cutting board is a very functional, but stylish piece that would go very well with your new Michigan oven mitts!

5. The Henry Ford Museum Carousel Vase

The Henry Ford Museum is a must-visit locale in Dearborn. Both the Greenfield Village and Museum have a staggering amount of history and knowledge about American life and Henry Ford’s legacy, but did you know they also have a huge selection of decorative items?  They sell several home décor items like this Carousel Vase that are created by their glass blowing artisans. Check out all of the other beautiful glasswork on their online shop!

6. Heart of Michigan Mackinac Island Pillow

Heart of Michigan is based in Howell and sells a huge variety of products. They can range from beer and wine to jewelry and accessories. This Mackinac Island pillow, made in Harbor Springs, is a practical product that can decorate your home, cabin or cottage! There are several other lake options, so you can get your favorite lake decorated on a pillow.

7. Pure Michigan Michigan Map Coasters

These Pure Michigan coasters are the perfect way to show off your Michigan pride in your home. When put together, this practical product creates a map of our beautiful state and doubles as a piece of art. Check out the website for more Michigan pride items.

8. Iconic Detroit Detroit River Rocks Wood Flush

Iconic Detroit is based in Royal Oak and has a ton of art and design products. Showcase your Detroit pride with this black and white wood flush mount. This ornamental piece would make a wonderful addition to any room in your living space. There are several other decorative options related to Michigan, like Faygo, Comerica ParkEastern MarketBuddy’s Pizza and more.

9. Pure Detroit Soy Woodwick Candle

Pure Detroit has three locations: the Guardian Building, the Fisher Building, and the RenCen. They are a lifestyle brand that has come to represent Detroit with their Detroit-focused products. They sell many different goods from seatbelt belts and bags to gear for your dog. This Woodwick candle is made with frosted glass and has a subtle toasted marshmallow scent. The glass around the candle is safe to use after the candle is finished so it will still make for a long-lasting product for your home.