How to Fish for Herring in Pure Michigan

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Lake Herring are acceptable to fish for year-round (although daily possession limits apply). Here's what you need to know if you're fishing for Herring in Pure Michigan. 

A person driving a power boat across water at sunrise.
Fishing in Pure Michigan | Photo Courtesy of Instagram Fan lhannon32

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About Lake Herring

Lake Herring belong to the trout and salmon family. They often bear the name of Northern Cisco or Cisco, and are smaller than whitefish.

Where to Find Lake Herring

Lake Herring can be found in the St. Marys River and along the northern shore of Lake Huron, numerous inland lakes and in the Upper Peninsula. Herring flock to the waters of the Eastern U.P. from late June through July. They begin flocking to the Les Cheneaux Islands, slowly moves east to Drummond Island, then up the St. Marys past Lime island and all the way into Lake Georg. Lake Herring flock to these areas to feed on the mayfly hatches that take place each summer.  

Fishermen prefer to fish them June-fall with peak herring activity occurring around the Fourth of July weekend as hundreds of avid anglers head north for the annual herring run.

Best Gear and Bait

Lake Herring are known for having a “paper mouth”, meaning they are a delicate fish. Try mayflies or wax worms on tear drops to attract the fish. Lake Herring also fight extremely hard as they do not love sunlight, making longer rods ideal.