Michigan Haunted Attractions To Visit If You Dare

The popularity of the Halloween season underscores a fact of human nature: we like to be scared - for fun! Come Halloween, adventure travel takes the form of haunted houses, farms, forts and even zip lines on which many things go boo in the night (and day). Here are a few Pure Michigan haunted attractions worthy of planning a trip around.

1. S.S. City of Milwaukee & USCGC AcaciaManistee

You wouldn't even need actors or special effects if you were looking for “eerie” come nighttime on any of the five decks of the S.S. City of Milwaukee. The one-time Great Lakes car ferry, built in 1831, is the only pre-1940s ship of its type to survive. Today, it survives to host - guests who book a room on the floating B&B, visitors who book their year-round tours and especially Halloween lovers who love the October weekend additions of actors-as-ghosts.  

2. Erebus Pontiac

This haunted house of terror is widely considered one of the best in the entire country, and the special effects and props are Hollywood-worthy and set over four impressive stories. Prepare for “intense” in the attraction that draws thousands through its doors and includes things that come at you from all directions in the course of the half-mile indoor walk-through.

3. Fort FrightMackinaw City

Characters in the Fort Fright Attraction
Storytellers of Fort Fright | Photo Courtesy of Michigan State Historic Parks

Encounter werewolves, witches, Redcoats and storytellers, spinning folktales based on stories told by French voyageurs. The burning fires, window candles and more set a perfect stage for eerie, family friendly-style, on the waterfront of the Straits of Mackinac.

4. Zip of TerrorBoyne City

You may think zip lining in the dark is the scary portion of this haunted attraction, but taking the Hemlock chairlift to the summit in the dark, then zip lining over blazing bonfires for light is the peaceful part. The paths between zip lines are where things leap out and make you scream. Bonus: The on-site spa is the perfect spot for lowering the blood pressure back to normal post-scare.

5. The HauntWyoming

A Ringleader at The Haunt's Sinister Circus
A Ringleader at The Haunt's Sinister Circus | Photo Courtesy of The Haunt

Take the opportunity to be scared in any of 144 rooms, by any of 100 actors or the 62 animatronics. The team brings experience from scares across the top haunted houses in the country.

6. Terror on 27Ashley

This “high startle haunt” that involves some 65 actors was started by a couple who threw great Halloween parties for friends and decided to take it to another level. They've now created one of the state's largest haunted houses spread over multiple barns, an outdoor maze, escape room and ambiance created by old-school scares among the forest and swinging bridges.

7. DarkSyde AcresJonesville

This attraction has a 3D town that features scary clowns, a haunted pirate ship, catacombs of zombies and a new sci-fi adventure, spread over multiple buildings and 70,000 square feet.

8. Terror on Tillson StreetRomeo

A Spooky Setup on Tillson
A Spooky Setup on Tillson Street | Photo Courtesy of TerrorOnTillson.com

Visitors come from around the Midwest - and beyond - to Tillson Street, where there are about 30 houses that create a sitcom-worthy setting for family Halloween fun. Every year brings touch-ups on the tombstones, the hanging of ghosts from neighborhood trees and other special effects that bring tons of trick-or-treaters and visitors all month long! Crowds get so big on Tillson that local football players are often on patrol.