theatre at night, car lights glaring through the bottow below the theatre sign


The Williamston Theatre is a professional live theatre, which has received a number of local awards including the Robert Busby Award for extraordinary overall contribution to theatre in the Greater Lansing Area.


The Brookshire Inn offers the finest in Lansing’s area wedding receptions, banquet venues, restaurant and golf facilities. Our golf course is 6,300 yards of beautiful greens, grass swales, mounded bunkers and plenty of water.


Located in an historic, 1895 farmhouse, Michigan Brewing Works offers a variety of excellent craft beers, distilled spirits, garlic and honey, all produced on our five acre farm.

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This historic town is situated on the Red Cedar River and contains many well-preserved turn-of-the-century buildings.It is known for its antique stores and well-kept neighborhoods. West of downtown is the Williamston Depot Museum.