Rise and Ride Ranch

2855 36th StreetAlleganMI 49010
A group of friends having a blast during our summer season! Featuring Tonto, Bhalla and Bahu. Photo
Riders on Lakota and Charlie holding the full moon during their glow ride! Photo 2
Spring time rides are refreshing and peaceful. We love listening to the birds and frogs singing as we ride down the trails. Photo 3
Riding through the tall grass on a summer's morning Photo 4
Riding in the golden sun of fall while breathing the fresh morning air is one of my favorite things. Photo 5
Summer glow in the dark rides Photo 6
A little rider giving Anna some love after their ride together Photo 7
Friends on a summer ride together Photo 8
Glow in the dark ride passing through the pond in early winter Photo 9
Looking ahead at the sunlight peeking through the trees on the trails. Featuring Lakota Photo 10
A young lady is giving Bhalla the unicorn a treat after their meet & greet together! Photo 11
Fall morning rides in Michigan are absolutely breath taking! Photo 12
A family thanking Elsa after their ride together Photo 13
Glow in the dark ride in the snow. Just look how the lights bounce off the trees! Photo 14
A family going around our pond during a foggy, late summer morning. Photo 15
Riding into the streams of golden sun light Photo 16
A private day ride through the snow Photo 17
A group of glow in the dark riders heading out to the trail, lighting the path with rainbows Photo 18
Riding down the tunnel of gold in the fall. Photo 19
Tonto getting some love from his rider after their ride together Photo 20
These two look great together on the trail! Photo 21
Glow in the dark ride during the twilight time, heading out in the snow. Photo 22
Glow in the dark riders are lined up for a picture! Photo 23
Painting in the pasture is an event Alisa Klump Illustration hosts at our ranch each year! Photo 24
This painter is pretty proud of the painting he did with Charlie! - Painting in the Pasture events Photo 25
Honda is inspecting the artwork at the table - Painting in the Pasture events Photo 26
Artists posing with their artwork and their inspiration! -Painting in the Pasture events Photo 27

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