A Lake Michigan Photo Tour

Thank you to guest blogger Sheena Leazenby for sharing her photo tour as she explored the Lake Michigan coast.

Sheena Leazenby is a graphic designer and photographer born and raised in Grand Rapids. Her parents grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, so she spent a lot of time as a child enjoying the more rustic and rural landscapes Michigan has to offer. She really enjoys Northern Michigan’s landscapes and expansive vistas, and also enjoys all the offerings a city like Grand Rapids has to offer.  If you have a question for Sheena, or want to let her know what you thought of her photos, please leave a comment below.

6 thoughts on “A Lake Michigan Photo Tour

  1. Great photos Sheena. Sadly, if the wind farm gets approved, our gorgeous Mason and Oceana county views will be of steel not sunsets. Thanks for capturing the magic that is nature and the true value of coming (or coming back) to Michigan.

  2. I WANT TO COME HOME!!! I WANT TO COME HOME!!! OH, HOW I WANT TO COME HOME!!! Thanks for the lovely pics that allows us to feel as though we are there but through your lens and eyes.

  3. Thanks Sheena,
    This is why my husband and I moved back to continue our careers and start our family – JUST BEAUTIFUL!

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