8 Best Places to Capture a Photo in Charlevoix

Known for iconic beauty, gorgeous lakefront setting, and small town charm, Charlevoix welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. One of the most common questions we hear is: Where are the best locations to take pictures in Charlevoix? There is no straightforward answer because there are many great places to capture the essence of Charlevoix. So, we’ve compiled a list of our top eight favorite places to take landscape and portrait photos:

1. South Pier Lighthouse (landscape/portrait)
There is nothing more iconic than Charlevoix’s lighthouse. This classic beauty is often the focal point of photos taken in Charlevoix. Whether you take photos from the pier where you can get close enough to touch the lighthouse or Lake Michigan Beach where you can capture the beach in the foreground or even from the bridge where the channel naturally frames your shot of the lighthouse. Try shooting the sunset or starscape at the lighthouse.

2. Charles Ransom Nature Preserve (landscape)
Nestled off the beaten path, this nature preserve gives photographers a much-needed elevation to catch the entire Charlevoix landscape. With high vantage points, you can photograph amazing vistas of Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan. Not only are the sunrises and sunsets breathtaking, this setting captures the spirit of Charlevoix’s natural beauty during all seasons.

3. Rex Beach/Antrim Creek Nature Preserve (landscape)
One of the best-kept secrets in Charlevoix, Rex Beach, and Antrim Creek Nature Preserve offer vast amounts of opportunity for nature lovers. Explore hidden trails where you may have the chance to capture wildlife living throughout the old growth forests. When sunset arrives, grab your tripod to shoot a colorful masterpiece featuring Lake Michigan.  

4. Lavender Hill Farm (landscape/portrait)
Michigan’s largest lavender farm is nestled between Charlevoix, Petoskey, and Boyne City. During the month of July, the Lavender Hill Farm fields are ablaze of purple. Capturing the vibrant red barn and garden sculptures amidst the scent of lavender is a must do. This beautiful farm is an ideal location to have a family photo taken.

5. Charlevoix Drawbridge (landscape, portrait)
This historic gem goes up every half hour during the summer, on the hour and half hour. Part of the fun in photographing the bridge is also capturing the boats traveling through when it opens. Shoot the bridge and the lighthouse together from the park below the bridge operator building. Challenge yourself by trying to take a picture of the lighthouse at sunset with the bridge opening!

6. Depot Beach (portrait)
This public beach is a staple for any portrait photographers. Whether it’s a family photo, wedding, or senior picture, Depot Beach’s amazing backdrop gives photographers a lot of content to work with. The historic Train Depot and its spectacular gardens are great places to begin a photo shoot. The views of Lake Charlevoix stretch for miles surrounded by the rolling hills of the treed landscape.

7. East Park/ Charlevoix City Marina (landscape/portrait)
Located in the heart of downtown Charlevoix, this public park is a great family-friendly place that offers photographers scenic locations to capture any style of portrait. East Park makes it extremely easy to shoot a live action photo in the Fountain of Youth or a family portrait in front of the docks on Round Lake.

8. Ferry Beach (portrait)
Beautiful old willow trees frame Ferry Beach, which lends a hand to great portrait opportunities. Capture views of Lake Charlevoix or shoot a live-action moment on the playground equipment on the beach.

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