Five Tips for the Ultimate Late Season ORV Ride

Winter may be somewhere up ahead, but there’s still time to get in the last great motorcycle or ORV ride of the season.

A muddy jeep parked near the water
ORV Riding in Michigan | Photo Courtesy of Pure Michigan

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Late fall trailing allows riders to be in comfortable gear without the sweat, bugs and discomfort of hot summer days. Features hidden in summer and early fall can now be discovered and enjoyed, so what better time than now to take that ride to a hidden waterfall or a scenic overlook? Use these tips for your most enjoyable late-season adventure yet. 

1. Wander off the Beaten Path

One of the best ways to enjoy scenery unique to late autumn and to discover some of the remarkable history of Michigan is to tour the forests and towns by dual sport or adventure motorcycle. Many know that road riding is great for traditional bikes, but riding dirt and gravel paths through the backcountry provides an experience not available to many.

2. Take Your Time

Depending on which trail you choose to adventure on, it may take days to navigate. Take everything in and you might just encounter the stimulating wildlife Pure Michigan has to offer, everything from wolves, bears and moose.

3. A Little Research Goes a Long Way

Points of interest on the trail offer riders the opportunity to explore the fascinating maritime, mining and logging history of Michigan. A little advance reading provides a rich background that makes in-person visits a fascinating experience.

4. Customize Your Route

You might be wondering if certain trails are within the capabilities of specific motorcycles or rider skills. To explore safely and comfortably, make sure to take a look at the trail map before taking off. Some areas may be rockier and hillier than others and may need to be avoided. Customize your riding adventure to your abilities for a safe ride.

5. Don’t Try to Pick a Favorite Site

It’s close to impossible to pick a favorite ORV/ATV riding site. You will find that every site has some element that makes it a favorite, the technical riding, the scenery, the wildlife, the history and so much more. Touring the mining towns and camping at the very tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan's Upper Peninsula certainly is near the top. However, so are the long rides through uninterrupted forest and visits to the now small towns that were once major logging and fishing centers.

For those that don’t ride, but enjoy overland travel, there are paths tailored specifically for standard four-wheel drive vehicles. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your late-season riding adventure!