Real estate marketing outfits like Michigan Land Sales, offered free vacations to Wellston around 1909 to promote their business. With the belief that "land was wealth", many pioneers took this complimentary ride from Chicago to Wellston to settle this area. Legend says that a man named "Wells" developed this location and ran a hotel, but information is limited. Today, Wellston, Michigan steelhead and salmon capital of the Great Lakes provides quality year round recreation. Enjoy the beauty of nature, deep within the Heart of the Manistee National Forest. The Steel Head run is underway, you can get lost for days fishing, mushrooming, hiking, biking, camping, canoe/kayak, or just relax and take in scenery. Don't forget the Little River Casino is just minutes away and our lodges and campgrounds provide you with excellent accommodations. Don’t forget to visit Tippy Dam, Cooley Bridge or the Manistee National Forest for even more outdoor adventures. Escape the rush and come to Wellston.


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