Michigan's Adventure Amusement Park

Michigan's Adventure

Michigan's Adventure has family fun for everyone! Your day at Michigan's Adventure will be your best day ever!
Michigan's largest amusement park and water park is home to seven rollercoasters including Shivering Timbers and Thunderhawk!
Spend the day at a Beach Party with spray guns, water slides, water wheels, and a drenching bucket -- it's splashtastic!
Camp Snoopy
With the addition of Camp Snoopy in 2020, now is the perfect time to purchase a season pass. It makes the perfect gift!
Camp Snoopy: New for 2020
Beach Party
Beach Party, family fun for everyone! Spray guns, water slides, water wheels, net bridges, and a drenching bucket -- it's splashtastic!
Dizzying speeds and endless loops will turn you inside out when you ride this steel coaster.
Dining Options
A day at Michigan's Adventure can work up quite an appetite. You'll find tempting treats and restaurants throughout the park.
Hours & Directions
Located north of Muskegon off US 31. Operating dates and hours vary. Get your tickets in advance online and spend your time in the park instead of waiting in line.
Shivering Timbers
Shivering Timbers is the longest fastest wooden roller coast in Michigan, reaching speeds of 65 mph and heights of 125 feet, this coaster is a thrill adventure!
This suspended steel roller coaster simulates flight with speeds of 50 mph and heights of 120 feet. Riders will be airborne as their legs and feet sail through the open sky!
Tidal Wave Pool
Enjoy beach-like waves without the hassle of sand. Tidal, our medium sized wave pool, varies in depth from zero to six feet at the deepest point.
Half Pint Paradise
Half Pint Paradise includes a Splash Pad that offers a variety of interactive water play features and seven kiddie water slides. Perfect for the littlest thrill seekers.
Have fun at Half Pine Paradise